What To Expect

Here is What You Can Expect When Staying with Us

Where are you located?

The cabins are located just three miles from State Route 56. They are located in a secluded area, just minutes away from local area attractions.


What does the surrounding area(s) look like?

Our properties are located high atop a ridge in southwest Hocking County. A large forested area extends west through Tar Hollow State Forest, then south into Vinton County.

You can find our cabins at the end of a private, gravel road, free from unwanted traffic and other cabins and homes. Remember to bring sturdy footwear—there is nearly one mile of scenic walking trails to explore. Some are very steep—be sure to have proper footwear! If you get tired along the way, there are two benches located at points along the trail to provide opportunities to rest and enjoy the peaceful scenery.

Except for the gravel road leading you to our private driveways, all other roads are paved. When you get within a few miles of our properties, the roads can get a little narrower and bumpy, however this should not affect your driving. 

What other things can I do?

Despite offering privacy and seclusion during your stay, we are still only minutes from the local town and area parks. Laurelville—just eight miles from our door step to theirs—has a full-service grocery, post office and three family restaurants. Thirteen miles from our cabins is one of the Hocking Hills most popular attraction: Old Man’s Cave State Park.


What should I bring?

All of your towels, linens, cookware, coffee pot, utensils, dish soap and paper products are provided. Just bring your own food and personal toiletries. The items our guests most often forget are coffee, plus soap and shampoo for the shower. Don’t forget your hiking boots. Our cabins have well-water or cisterns. Some guests prefer to bring their own drinking water.  Also please bring firewood.


If a fire in your cabin’s outdoor fire pit is planned, then you may want to bring matches and either newspapers or wax sticks to help get your blaze started. Using lighter fluid or similar accelerants is not permitted.


What about my privacy?

The privacy of our guests is very important to us. We will not make any unannounced cabin visits or enter your cabin while you are out without advanced notice. In the event the hot tub requires service during an extended stay, you will be notified prior to maintenance staff arrival. Also, during your stay you may see us on the property maintaining the grounds. Although we try to limit these activities to allow for privacy, situations can and do arise that require us to intervene.


Can I feed the wild animals?

The forest surrounding the cabins is abundant with wildlife. Deer, wild turkey, raccoons, gray foxes, skunks and squirrels are the most commonly seen animals. Please do not approach or feed the wildlife in the area. Also, do not leave food on the decks or porches overnight. This can attract uninvited guests.


Is it buggy here?

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors hiking or just enjoying the scenery from the porch, we suggest you bring bug repellent. In the warmer months, the Hocking Hills can be no different than any other part of Ohio when it comes to mosquitoes.


Can I use my personal cell phone to make calls?

Cell phone coverage can be spotty in places, therefore it is not guaranteed. Landlines for local calls are provided in each cabin. 


Is there internet access?

Internet access is not provided at the cabins.


Can I at least watch TV?

Yes and no. The Ridgeview cabin has cable, but the Greenbriar cabin does not. DVD players are in each cabin for guests wishing to bring their own movies. A few movies are already provided.


What kind of bedding do I need to bring?

Our queen-sized beds have firm mattresses with mattress pads and standard pillows. If you need added comfort for sleeping, you are more than welcome to bring your own mattress topper or pillows.


Is there housekeeping or room service available?

We do not provide daily housekeeping or room service. If you are scheduled to stay longer than the typical stay, we might need to contact you at the cabin in order to make arrangements to service the hot tub.


How does the winter weather affect my stay?

Since we are open year-round, it is possible that winter weather could impact your stay. We take extra care and precautions to plow our driveways after every significant snow event. The county and township roads that lead to our properties are also treated after every snow. You are most likely to encounter difficulties when traveling during snow falls. Four-wheel drive or front-wheel drive vehicles make the best road travelers during snow and icy weather, but are not requirements for visiting us in winter.